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Porky Pig’s speech pattern deconstructed.


:O that was amazing

I always thought they were just random sounds. That’s kind of mind-blowing.

I’m over this man for making it seem so simple lol

One of the many voice acting mysteries has been REVEALED!


HAH. *charmed*

Reblogging for the few that made me cackle out loud.

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I don’t watch The Killing, or even know what it’s about, but the relief(?) on his face and the clinging in her hands… *feels*

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put a “<3” and i’ll tell you about someone i care about, without any names.

put a “>:” and i’ll tell you something i dislike about myself.

put a “<:” and i’ll tell you something i like about myself.

Put a “>:c” and i’ll tell you something that pissed me off.

Put a “#” and i’ll tell you the last thing i lied about.

Put a “*” and i’ll tell you a secret

Huh. I’m up for it.

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So what happens if two people who have promised their firstborn to separate witches have a child together? Do they both just pop up in the nursery and have a custody battle?

I need a book about a little girl whose parents had promised their firstborn to different witches and the only way that both ends of the deal were fulfilled was for them to have joint custody of the child.

I love it!

And then the witches, forced to share a cottage while raising their joint stolen child, fall in love…


…while “the female gaze” is attracted by things like a naked, sweaty Chris Evans or Idris Elba, it’s also attracted by things like: men smiling in sweaters, men crying (DON’T LIE TUMBLR), barefoot fragile Sebastian Stan in the rain on Political Animals, men holding babies, men speaking foreign languages, Mark Ruffalo, and a whole bunch of weird stuff on Ao3 that I don’t even wanna get into. And that’s just “the female gaze as it pertains to men.”

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This is God’s truth. Tell it like it is!

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We have good chance of getting at least three of these dudes in a picture together, wearing sweaters and holding babies, barefoot. We have a very good chance, people.

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Best one yet.

please fucking look at rob paulsen’s shirt

*squeals* Oh my god my childhood <3



My sorry attempt at making a gif set of our completely unrehearsed fight.  Please forgive how makeshift this is - I only make the dresses, I don’t know from the internets.

Dresses and props by me Datura Riot (Lady Winter Soldier)

Lady Captain America is Adventures of Bucky Bear

The full video is here if you want to see it.

Our fight! If it really looks like I’m being punched in the face….. ACTING! Thank yoooooou!

Holy shit your costumes are amazing. Phenomenal work!

The Ferguson Police Department STILL has not released a police report from the shooting of Michael Brown. They did release a FULL police report AND video AND stills from what they ADMIT is an unrelated incident in which the shooting victim, Michael Brown, THEY say, was implicated in a theft at a convenience store earlier in the day on the day police killed him. They released ALL of that, but NO police report, still to this day, from the shooting of Michael Brown. They still have also not released the autopsy results from the county autopsy of Michael Brown. Today, the Ferguson Police Department turned down a request from NBC News to please see the personnel file of the officer who’s been named as the shooter of Michael Brown. The ONLY thing they would release is his name, the day he was hired, and his salary. They would not release any other details from his police file. The one substantive piece of information that the Ferguson Police Department DID decide to release about the officer implicated in the shooting, the ONE piece of information they HAVE decided to release, was THIS video that they released today, showing the officer in question receiving a COMMENDATION from the City Council for good police work.

Rachel Maddow. Thursday, Aug. 21st. (via imsirius)

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if u ever feel sad remember that robert englund once took a nap on the set of a nightmare on elm street in full freddy krueger makeup and when he woke up he looked straight into a mirror and scared the shit out of himself

this is the best story

… that totally is.

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